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Best Digital Piano 2010

QUICK TIP: My call on the best digital piano 2010

As Christmas 2010 draws ever nearer, what better time to write a summary review of the best digital piano to buy in 2010.

When researching your digital piano choice there are some key considerations to factor:

1. The budget for your digital piano

2. The spec you require of your digital piano

3. Understanding your long term capabilities

So lets’ start with budget: how much are you willing to buy your digital piano for?

A quick check of the latest prices shows us the huge pricing ranges available to us in the UK.

It’s vitally important not to under spend and end up with a digital piano that’s simply not going to allow us to fulfil our long term goals in terms of where we expect our playing capabilities to be in, say, 3 years.

At the same time, we simply have to make sure we don’t end up splurging on a really high end digital piano that we ‘never grow in to’.

So let’s make an assumption at begin our search in the mid range market.

I could spend the next few pages extolling the virtues of this piano or that but I really don’t feel a need. I’m therefore going to save you a lot of time and effort and come right out and name the best mid-range digital piano your money can buy in 2010….(keyboard roll please….)

Yamaha NP30B-K Portable Digital Piano (black finish).

The new NP30 Contemporary Digital Piano represents an entirely new class of Yamaha digital pianos. Designed to offer quality, value and portability with a lighter touch, the NP30 includes 76 Graded ‘Soft’ Touch piano-style keys and stereo-sampled piano voices. Additional features include 10 quality voices like Pianos, Organs, and Strings plus 32 notes of polyphony and ten recordings of standard piano repertoire.

Now come on, it’s a Yamaha digital piano and it’s less than £250.

You can’t miss.

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