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Pattern Recognition and Cultural Aspects of Music

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If we see something familiar, as it triggers memories and related thoughts, sometimes consciously and unconsciously. Repetition must be exact, but “similar” enough to trigger confidence. Aspects of our intelligence allowed us to adopt in so many different climates and conditions that make the best use of available shelter and resources to build language and culture to communicate with each other in successive generations. It allows us to appreciate and create patterns for their own sake in the form of visual and auditory art as human brain in particular seems to have a highly developed and flexible pattern recognition ability.
A pattern is something we hear and recognize that a similar sound or group of sounds twice when it clicks in our brains. The pattern is often simply consist of a single note or notes in any order. We will fight to remember if the sequence is long and it gets too boring if we hear the music played many times and cause unconscious experiences that can affect us greatly because of pattern recognition.
We have a natural basis for some of the basis for the music and how it affects us based on tempo, pitch and pattern. The cultural aspects of music is built on these foundations and developed overtime to complex conventions that are passed from generation to generation. Under the musical development, the relative isolation of different communities developed in different directions, and later cross fertilization between different cultures leads to the introduction of new elements initially formed to ensure the adoption of culture and developed further. There is no denying that many ancient forms of world music is “Western” from the increased means of communication worldwide, we now have some knowledge of music of different cultures who may recognize the region of origin.

Why is it that sometimes, a single instrument or rhythm suggest the music?
culture of music is that we share a common set of associations with different styles of music, linking with some parts of the world, certain periods of history, or certain groups of people.
culture of music is such that we share a common set of associations with various musical styles, linking some of the world, certain periods of history, or certain groups of people. In some cases this can be incredibly carefully defined sub-styles of music to people of another “culture” may all sound “the same”, but sometimes it can be as simple as a particular instrument or rhythm to be enough to suggest the style. Because of these associations, we may be drawn towards or away from certain styles of music, so we can enjoy Tibetan music because it is related to our faith, or maybe we hate the Rock and Roll because our parents love it. So in addition to a large set of cultural music associations, we have some very individual associations that change our perceptions and musical appreciation.
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