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When You Purchase a Restored Steinway Saves More Than Money

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To purchase a new Steinway or not to buy new, that is the question. Or is that question? The answer is more straightforward than many realize.
When considering the possibility of buying a brand new Steinway grand piano direct from the factory, or buy a restored or rebuilt Steinway, there is really no comparison. NTNU NTNU course when you purchase a new Steinway piano factory to get warranty and back-up and support of the original Steinway & Sons factory itself. You also know that if there are any serious defects or problems with the piano that the factory will take care of the problem. Whether you choose an instrument directly from the floors of Steinway in New York, or from a certified Steinway Gallery, you will be choosing an excellent instrument.
However, there is the question not only the quality of service that Steinway factory, dealers and distributors can deliver, but if you can get the same service and warranty from Steinway dealers. The answer is both yes and no. Some yes, some no. In fact, some rebuilder offer longer warranties on the parts that resonate than the Steinway & Sons factory or Steinway Galleries, so there is no loss there. And many of these places have had years of honorable service that is comparable to the best of Steinway dealers, so it’s no problem there either.
There is a caveat, however. And it is that you must know and understand that the dealer buys the piano from. Unfortunately, in the piano business, like many other industries, there are those who make a living by asking for ignorance of the masses. There are pianos that have been restored mistakes, errors, and will not have the right sound or pressure that Steinway pianos are so well known.
So the easiest way to qualify a dealer who is rebuilding Steinway pianos is to determine whether the restoration was done by a certified Steinway technician, and then find out where the pianos are restored yesterday. For example, many of our pianos restored by the same technician who restored Steinway Concert D used in the Lincoln Center, New York City. One of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. Here it is easy to see that you can not go wrong. But even if they are not of the caliber, make sure to have a qualified technician for review and understand the background of the instrument you are considering, as well as the warrantee and warranties, either implicitly or explicitly with the purchase. After all, is a Steinway Piano is not a small purchase for most people, and should be done with utmost care. American-Steinway piano models

now return to the question of price, will find it a big difference in price between buying a brand new Steinway Model B, for example, and a restored Steinway Model B from one of the most recognized retailers. At the time of this writing new Steinway B lists for about U.S. $ 68 000 from most of the Galleries, but a restored Steinway B, of the same quality and warranty, can be as low as $ 45,000 or even less! (Check out or On the largest of the grand pianos, the Steinway Model D pianos, the difference between rebuilt and new piano is often $ 40,000 or more. The last Steinway D that we have listed ( is $ 79 000 as opposed to a new Steinway Model D piano that lists for about $ 120,000. Each Steinway Model D listed are around this price, and all of them have been restored to the original sound, color, beauty and touch of the last Steinway piano factory floor. Of course, the price differences are not just there for model B Steinway pianos either. In each grand piano model, one will find significant savings.
But the savings do not just stop there. Many older pianos have a tone and feel that is smoother and perfected over time. It may seem strange to some, but it is because of those thinking of buying a piano like buying a car. A piano is not like a car, it depreciates with age, but rather appreciate it and can improve with age, and as a violin or other string instrument, the wood can deepen in tone and depth over time and create a truly leaking sound that is timeless.
A final note on price. Steinway & Sons will tell you that the piano will appreciate over time. This is true. But appreciation is not only the piano of “antique” value of the instrument. It is also because the instruments manufactured by Steinway is becoming more expensive each year. . This alone creates a tremendous opportunity for both buyer and seller of a converted piano to enjoy the benefits of not buying new
So in the end, the solution is simple – there really is no question of “new” or “new “. Be sure to consider sources such as and and other well-known retailers to eliminate the possibility of being caught with a broken string. Your rebuilt piano is waiting for you. Do not let the idea of ​​”new” trick you into getting less for more piano – a Steinway piano timeless for less! More information
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Mr. Robert Friedman is a professional dealer of rebuilt and had to be restored Steinway & Sons brand pianos for over 35 years. His experience and straightforward approach to the piano has helped thousands of buyers make good investments over the years. He lives in the greater New York City, where he can work with the world’s best rebuild, and refinishers of Steinway pianos. NTNU American Steinway piano

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