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Tips on How to Learn Piano Chords

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Learning to play the piano chords is not difficult since many people tend to think. Generally, because of this misconception, many would stop from learning to play the piano.

As with many endeavors, the basics should be learned before becoming an expert. Before you can play the piano expertly, you have to be able to read and take part in the basic chords. You can do this by playing the fundamental chords slowly up and down the keyboard through all the chord inversions. You can start slowly while dictating the basic chords you’re playing. Repeat practicing the up and down the piano keyboard and increase your speed as much as possible.

Practice slowly. Experts play complicated-sounding piano music pieces but the piano chords are actually just beautiful variations of the chords in major, minor, augmented, diminished, flats and sharps and also the 7th. As you progress in playing the piano chords, you will soon get acquainted with the other chords and soon memorize all of them. However, learn the basics first. Start with a song that has a few chords and focus on mastering the basic chords. Whenever you master the basic chords, you can start adding alterations. After a few songs a practice, you would be able to play the piano chords decently.

Pick the songs that you love to play. While there may be some requested or recommended songs, become familiar with fast if you love what you play enjoy yourself going through the learning experience. Learning to play your preferred songs would motivate and inspire you than playing songs that are not familiar to you or that you hate.

Learn and seek advice from experts and known pianists. Try playing the piano chords in public places or in the presence of other people who could give their comments on how you play and give suggestions on how you could improve your work.

You may also go online and research on available materials which will give you tips on how to learn piano chords. There are many materials which include videos that would aid more effectively in your learning. Click for additional details.

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