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Beautiful Mechanical Metronome for Precision Timing

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I bought this elegant mechanical Metronome for better time keeping on my Violin and it works perfectly! This is a good tool to help you become a better musician. It has a distinct beat click as well as a visual pendulum swing that allows you to keep a steady tempo with ease. The exterior is a stylish wood grain pattern with a sturdy plastic housing and it needs no batteries. It has a five position on/off bell and the metal mechanism is of a finest calibre. If you are looking for a helpful time counting aid then this metronome will be a fantastic training tool.<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Find out more at metronome/</a><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Elegant Metronome for all Musical Instruments <br><br>Enhance Your Rehearsal Time Now! <br><br>- Need to boost your practice skills? <br>- Need to develop your musical timing? <br>- Need to be able to listen to and see your Metronome? <br><br>Introducing the Music Magic Professional Metronome <br><br> Simple easy to use precision beat counter . <br><br> durable wind up mechanism <br><br>- No batteries needed <br>- Clear loud click sound with simple pull adjustment <br>- Visual pendulum movement for better skill<br><br>Amazon Trusts Our Music Magic Brand Will Be Superior Products. <br>We provide our own 1 year warranty against defects and returns! <br><br>Special Pricing Cannot Be Guaranteed. Be sure to Click Buy Now! <br><br>Metronome, for all Musical Instruments, Mechanical Metronome by Music Magic, time counting for Guitar <br>

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