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A Universal Attraction

When you contemplate the attractions of all the instruments, in all probability the most pleasing to listen to and play, is the piano. Probably the reason is that of all the instruments, the piano produces the fullest sound. Approximating that of an over-all orchestra. Most of the acclaimed Classical Music composers performed their magic with the piano. This was the case even when, in the case of Bach, he was creating music destined to be played on other instruments.That state of affairs remains largely parallel now. As modern composers composing music for television and the cinema, tend to compose on the piano

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A Special Bonus

Additionally, the piano gives you an option not present with the majority of other instruments – the alternative to play chords and melody concurrently.. Thus opening the door to a galaxy of musical ideas, not easy to create on the guitar, for example. Even though, normally chords are played with the left hand, and melody with the right, with the piano, you have the alternative of turning around that order.

Two Flavors to Choose From

Basically, two techniques of Piano instruction exist. The stressful method. And the relaxed method. regrettably for me, I was trained with the difficult method. Tiresome before and after school rehearsal. Mind numbing scales and technical exercises. And a “teacher” who sliced my fingers with a metal edged ruler, whenever I hit a bad note. Obviously the difficult method!

Luckily,now there are easier methods. The kind that had not been formulated when I was an depressed thirteen year old piano pupil. The preponderance of these programs concentrate on a joyful, rather than a joyless, boring concept to piano mastery; that consists of songs you like. The consequence is that what was anguish for me – becomes a pleasure for you.

A Superstar Tommorrow?

But it’s vitally important to always remember that “less difficult” does’nt mean “no work.” Don’t believe that overnight you’ll master your favorite tune. Instant achievement as all the piano experts will tell you, takes practice. The every day kind.

Irregardless of the quality of piano mastery you want to acheive, only practice will get you where you want to go. But there are two pieces of good news here. Fifteen minutes a day does more for you than three hours once a week. And, following the new innovative methods, I’m convinced you’ll be cheerfully going beyond that informal limit!

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