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Why You Should Learn Piano Songs

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Many adults have good – or not so fond – memories of piano lessons when they were children, but keep enough into adulthood to play a scale, let alone a song. The reasons for this are varied. Many were forced into the lessons, which takes place under coercion, and stop as soon as they were allowed only to regret it later in life. Others simply lacked the time, had teachers who do not make learning fun enough, or had no way to practice at home. Of course, the children have no way of knowing how a respected talent music will be in their adult lives, or how fun to learn even a few pieces can be. While studying to become a concert pianist takes a lifetime to learn piano fortunately some songs for fun: it’s never too late
Even if your goal is to learn piano songs to play for your kids, or a few . popular hits to impress your friends at parties, it is important to start with the basics. Videos on the Internet will help demonstrate the best attitude and way of holding hands. One step that might have been boring as a kid is learning a few basic scales and arpeggios. The advantage of these is to build muscle memory, train your ear for typical sound patterns, and warm up muscles. While it may seem like the hands and feet are all involved in the piano, watch a professional at a concert once – strength in the arms, shoulders and back are all involved if you want to go beyond the chopsticks or Mary’s Little Lamb.
If you really want to learn piano songs to impress your friends, get some exercise every day or every other day is important. Get a book of basics, varied scales and exercises, and do not let them seem like a chore. Please select at least one song to use as a goal for yourself, music stores have stacks of sheet music in all genres. If you have a child, you can also learn together and provide an example of growing closer together. Playing piano is not only fun, it’s an upper body workout, it helps sharpen the mind, and is excellent for working through feelings of frustration or depression.
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