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Like Laura Story Blessings?

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The Worship Singer is simply an incredible songwriter, singer and worship leader. Her song Indescribable was a hit all over the world when Chris Tomlin (a renowned worship artist) used it on his 2004 album Arrival. This meant Laura was to become known throughout the world immediately. And that’s exactly what happened.
The artist was born in 1978 and comes from a small town Spartanburg in South Carolina. She was musically active when she met Shane Williams at Columbia International University (formerly Columbia Bible College). She joined Shane band Silers Bald as a bass player, but after four independent albums, she left the band to pursue solo careers. It turned out to be an intelligent choice since she had more freedom in creating spiritual music and write more songs. In 2002 she released Indescribable which as already mentioned was used by Chris Tomlin and later by Avalon, another well known Christian Band. In 2005 the singer released her second album titled It’s nothing and married Martin Elvington. Soon she Signes a deal with INO Records and a couple of years later, she frees great God who saves album. This is her third album. At this time she and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia where she works as a worship leader and women’s minister for Pari Meter Church. In May 2011 release her biggest hit, a song called Blessings. The song is # 2 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart
Cronology of Recorded Albums:.
In 2002 Indescribable released. Three years later, nothing hits the charts. In 2008, the Great God who saves is registered and in 2011 the blessings hits the top chart positions.
It is known that shortly after Story married Martin, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and this certainly was a difficult time for the couple. Not only physically but also spiritually because each person question themselves about the purpose of such a disease. Story and her husband overcame battles and another song was born.
song is a ballad, easy listening. It is # 5 on the album. Starting with a cool piano intro, and Story, join in singing. The song kind of opens in the chorus. It is most likely one of the best worship songs I’ve ever heard and just can not stop playing it. The Blessings notes of the song is easy to learn song on the piano.
author has worked in the music industry for 26 years now and love to listen to track Laura Story Blessings Sheet Music. Hopefuly you enjoy the song as well.

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