Two Hot Ways to Learn Piano

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It’s only natural to be a little bit overwhelmed when you first start learning to play the piano. Most people never consider how challenging becoming a good pianist can be. But that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. As a matter of fact, there are two very different ways of approaching piano learning. It all depends on what kind of pianist you want to be.

You best possibility for acheiving a good level of piano skill is by learning classical music. An understanding of music theory and the skill of reading music is essential, if you want to have the ability to play a variety of music. Moving to a foreign country has a lot in common with learning to play the piano. Wthout being able to speak the native language, you won’t make significant progress. It would’nt be a good idea to move to Paris without learning at least the minimum words necessary, would it? It’s the same way with the piano or any other instrument on the face of the planet. Without knowing how to read music you’re really not going to get very far or get very much out of piano lessons of any kind.

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There are certainly some prodigies in the world who are able to reproduce entire songs by ear and memory, but if you were a prodigy you would already know. If that’s not the case, and you want to be able to play classical music, learning to read music is mandatory

On the other hand, if all you want to do is play your favorite songs, there is a faster and easier way of going about learning to play piano. Chording is the other style. Keep in mind that melody and rhythm are the basis of every song. There are 12 major and 12 minor keys in music. The construction of classical piano technique is built within each of these keys on a series of scales. The advantage of using chords is that it allows you play music without considering the scales.

Almost every piece of sheet music includes the specific notes required to play the song as it is written including the keys to the chords that the scales are built around. In other words, just by learning how to play all the chords, you can make it sound like the song. Without actually having to play the song precisely the way it was written.

Chording is much faster and easier to learn than classical piano, but even if you learn to play the piano by using chords you should also at some point learn how to read music and play those songs more precisely. Again, it all depends on what kind of pianist you want to become. The main thing is to be consistent. Daily practice in a quiet well lit place will advance your piano skills far faster than several hours one or two days a week. Sometimes, practicing will be the last thing you feel like doing. But, remember, that old joke(“How do you get to Carnegie Hall?…..answer : Practice, Practice, Practice”) is true.

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