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The best way to learn the piano keyboard is to master the fundamentals that are unique to this type of instrument. Learning to play any instrument has it’s pitfalls that most will obviously encounter. Piano is certainly no exception to this rule. To play better in less time, and save you an enormous amount of time and energy, there are some piano fundamentals you should pay definitely pay attention to. If you ignore the fundamentals, it’s going to take a lot longer to progress from beginner to advanced.

The fundamentals demand your complete attention. A few being – sight reading, finger placement, acquiring muscle memory, correct posture, and developing a feel for where your hands should be on the keyboard without looking. Although this will certainty seem daunting at first, like anything approached slowly, it becomes progressively less apprehensive. And, obviously, easier. Focusing on good technique and fundamentals is essential for proper piano keyboard learning. Because initial mistakes will compound themselves over time. Therefore, make certain you start the right way. The skill of being able to read music is an essential one, although it’s more mechanical than emotional when you first begin.

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You can also learn to play the piano with chords and scales, while you are acquiring the skill of “sight reading.”. This will help you immensely in developing your ear, and the ability eventually to improvise, building on your knowledge of chords and scales. So, if you start your piano adventure by learning to read music, the ability to play by ear will develop and increase accordingly.

And lastly, be sure to have fun. Of course, you’re not going to want to practice every day but you will certainly enjoy the results. You’re probably not trying to be a concert pianist, more than likely, you just want to be able to play for your own enjoyment. Like anything else in life, earning to play the piano is not worth your time, unless it’s fun. So, by all means, have fun.

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