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It’s not always wise to include easy and piano in the same sentence. Overnight accomplishment in piano progress, is obviously the stuff of dreams. However there are a couple of easy piano lessons that you can keep in mind when you are first beginning to play. So why don’t we just consider how you develop a feel for playing the piano.

Having a feel for where your hands are on the keyboard means that you’re not looking at your hands all the time to know where to place them. If you can master feel you will be able to read pieces of music and play them without having any idea what the song is supposed to sound like when you play it. Learning to read music, and developing your ability to play by ear, are equally desireable.

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But, at the beginning, you should concentrate on learning to read music. Which is valuable training for not looking at your hands when you play. Most piano teachers will have you begin your lessons by finding middle C. The majority of piano professors will insist that you locate, and start from middle C when you begin your instruction. They do this because middle C. is the easiest note to find on the keyboard and the C. major scale is the easiest to play. By learning the C. major scale you can learn a little bit about reading music, a little bit about fingering, and a touch of music theory when it comes to scales and octaves.

But since the C. major scale doesn’t contain any of the black keys it’s a terrible place to start .Because using the black keys on the piano it’s much easier to find major scales, such as C major in particular. They are the least valuable places to begin your instruction. The truth of the matter is, that it’s much easier to find the black keys. There are five in every octave. One arrangement of three and another collection of two. Each of the black keys has two white keys on either side of it. If you begin with a scale that uses the black keys instead of C. major you develop a much better feel for where your hands are on the piano. Fairly quickly you’ll be able to find the notes on the piano, by feeling where the black keys are relative to your finger placement.

Perhaps you’ve observed professional pianists who have a technique for reaching the white notes on the keyboard, by playing with their fingers closer to the black keys. The idea behind this is that your hands and fingers will develop a more natural feel for their position on the keyboard. Instead of starting with C major, better to begin with B natural. The best way to develop a feel for where your fingers are on the piano keyboard, is by learning a few major scales. And as your hands develop their memory, each day will be easier than the one before.

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