It’s Never Too Late to Appreciate the Piano

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Piano is a unique and beautiful instrument. It has an interesting history and has only recently evolved into the powerful instrument we know today. It had its origin as the harpsichord. This was an instrument that was shaped like a piano, but instead of tiny hammers produce the sound it had a pick mechanism. Piano was very popular with the classical composer JS Bach’s day. He wrote many works for this instrument is now played on modern piano.
The next evolutionary milestone for the instrument was the clavichord. This mechanism is exploited by small hammers hit the strings of the instrument when the notes were played. This instrument was not very high which made it difficult to use as a performing instrument. This was used in the classical composer Hayden and Mozart’s day. The sound and resonance of the instrument was not that good to begin with, but continued to develop. Many of Mozart’s famous piano concertos would have been played on the piano. Even the piano evolved in their time. He would probably have been thrilled to hear them played on modern piano.
The piano as we know it really came into its own in the romantic period of traditional music. Schumann, Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Chopin, of course, made the instrument of his own sonatas and concertos. Impressionist classical composers such as Debussy and Ravel continued to expand the repertoire of this instrument.
There was a time when a beautiful Steinway or a Pleyel piano dominated everyone living in high class society and was often used to entertain guests. Every lady in the house was a skilled player and singer with piano accompaniment become all the rage in the classical composer Schubert’s day. He wrote several lieder and song cycles for this instrument, and loved to participate with friends in chamber music with his friends that he played this instrument.
Now piano is not seen so much, adorn the drawing room society, but it’s really an instrument for the concert hall. Many people still enjoy this fun and beautiful instrument. If you think a music teacher can be too expensive, you can go online and get a full course with videos to teach you how to play this beautiful instrument.
The grand piano is truly a beautiful addition to any drawing or living room. It’s definitely never too late to enjoy the piano. It may cost a little initially, but you will not be sorry you invested in one. There will be a family heirloom, and enjoyed by future generations.
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