How to Play the Piano

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The hardest part in learning to play the piano is how to play using both submit sync and simultaneously. It is not easy for many beginners because the proper coordination of mind and hands is needed. For some people, especially those who are experts, this would be easy. They make it appear to be it could be naturally done right away. Here are some tips for you to learn how to play using both hands with ease.

First, you need to familiarize, memorize and practice on your musical piece. Usually, one hand is stronger and faster than your other hand. This is so because the faster hand has been more used and thereby more coordinated that the other hand which has been used seldom. Focus on the hand that is slower as this requires extra practice and energy to be able to catch up with the other hand.

You’ll need hard work and patience in practicing. Even though you encounter difficulties, with constant practice, you will be able to play the piano expertly. You should allot time for daily practice. If you can’t practice every day, practice whenever possible based on your available time.

You can first try practicing on your faster hand. Once it has played its part, you can try practicing on the other hand. This is one way that you should not get easily confused at the beginning of the practice. After you have practiced both hands separately, try practicing them together.

Do not rush your practice. Do your practice slowly and take one note at a time. You may be slow at first but they’re sure that your fingers have been in the correct keys. Before each practice, do some warm ups for your hands by playing the piano scales. Look at your posture and hand positioning. Wrong posture and hand positions may be the reason why you have difficulty in playing.

Try picking up speed until you get the right tempo. Even better, try practicing on musical pieces which are easy for a start. Once you are comfortable playing the piano with both hands, you can choose the more advanced pieces. With constant practice, it’s easy to learn how to play the piano using both hands without any difficulty. Useful details is visible at

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