How to Learn Piano – Self Teaching

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Understanding how to play the piano is a not very hard once you get to start the correct process. The fundamental foundations that you need to learn are to learn to play the scales and also to read music. With constant practice it’s easy to be able to teach yourself play the piano. Knowing how to use your fingers and hand on the keys of the piano, you can begin your learning process. Playing the piano is less difficult than other instruments.

Along the way of learning, you will need a piano, a metronome, and instructional books and audio visual materials.

To teach yourself how to learn piano, you can use the instructional books. They are available for purchase in music stores and academic stores. These books provides you with an idea on reading musical notation. They will also give you specific details on how to play the piano by reading a note and playing on the corresponding key of the note. Other instructional books will teach you how to play the scales and the chords on the piano. Once you understand the basics, you can start practicing musical pieces and songs.

For those who have hard time learning from instructional books, you can use audio visual materials and DVDs as supplemental references or your primary instructional guide in your lessons. They are better instructional guides, actually, because you will be able to see how playing the piano is performed visually and you will be able to hear the background music and familiarize yourself with how each note sounds. You can download these musical videos online or you take a visit at your local music stores and centers.

There are also those who have problems with musical notation but could learn the piano by ear. For those who have this kind of gift, there are special instructional books, audio visual materials that also teach you how to play the piano by ear. The disadvantage though for those who learn by ear is that they don’t learn as fast as those who can read musical notation. Click for more information.

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