An Overview of Rocket Piano

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The Rocket Piano package can be purchased in a digital format which readily available for download right away to your pc or perhaps it may be obtained as a physical product that is delivered to your house. There are three major books, the beginners, intermediate and also advanced. Once you been through these then you could proceed onto the breakdown of Jazz piano, or perhaps the introduction to Gospel piano. Both these are fantastic books in their own right. There is also fingering technique and also exercise book which may be used anytime plus an interesting little bonus book known as Advanced learning techniques for piano. It is a blend of techniques and psychology designed to help you get the most from your learning knowledge. For more information go to Learn Piano page.

How The Course Works

To start out the program you utilize book 1 called the beginners book. This will teach you how to sit at the keyboards, how to hold your hands correctly, and also general posture. It’ll show you where to find all of the notes about the keyboard, and how to identify those notes in written music. you’ll learn to play some simple melodies used each hand and more very simple pieces using both hands. You will additionally learn some elementary chords.

Negative Points

The main disadvantage with this package is that the video and audio files are usually not clickable within the books. This means that when you are studying and you get to an audio or perhaps video example then you have to stop and take notice of the example number, then you’ll need to search on your pc by hand for that file. Until you have resolved your own system this is often a slight hassle but before long you will get used to it.

Good Points

A good feature of the books is the introduction of jam tracks. These are generally in effect a type of music minus one. You get yourself a written piece to play and a choice of 2 audio files. The first audio file has got the piano playing the piece in question with an accompaniment of guitar, bass and also drums. That shows you how the piece ought to be played with a band. The second audio file is precisely the same as the first with the exception that there’s no piano included. This lets you effectively play along with the band. It is a great way to practice as playing with other musicians forces you to play in time.


Preserve 1 or 2 little niggles (like the fact that the audio files aren’t embedded within the pdf files) I give this product a 5 star rating. It is certainly one of the best products offered at the moment and it is a very complete package. They’ve got a really helpful support section in their members area as well as for piece of mind the product includes a full 2 month money-back guarantee. For people who want instant access towards the “Rocket Piano Bonus” topics they may visit the official website for more information and tips.

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