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Many words have been written about the benefits of music for adults and children. Love of music and early exposure to its influence on the development of the brain has a tremendous effect on the potential of young people to thrive in many ways. We evaluate 7 of these basic benefits of this article.
. Self Discipline – Building self-discipline makes people realize the benefits of what is best for them, rather than giving into momentary weaknesses that my be harmful to their well-being. Keyboard hours involves learning time management (such as showing up for lessons on time! Whether a teacher, or just look up the keyboard if the lessons are online or at your own pace), self-insight (realize what you really want and meet your goals and values), have the courage to live up to your own ideals, to name some of the qualities required to build self-discipline.
two. Concentration – This is especially difficult for young children, who have so much else they want to do, to keep their attention on their lessons is a huge learning curve. Learning to direct your attention in the direction you want is a skill that will help you through a lifetime.
Three. Attention to detail – the key to learning focus on the details of concentration. By learning the keyboard will need to learn theory of music as well, which means that focus is necessary to bring both play music and the ability to read music together.
Fire. Hand-eye coordination – the ability to coordinate information received through the eyes to control, guide and direct the hands in the implementation of a given task can be translated into many areas of a child’s development

5 Self-esteem – learn to play the keyboard and learn to read music has benefits for the self-confidence, especially in children. Learn to see yourself in a positive way and feel okay about your own image makes young people to resist peer pressure. It gives them the ability to stick to their own values ​​and not be influenced in the deviation of a path that is not in their best interest.
6 Sense of accomplishment – the possibility that may occur to entertain family and friends, and play the instrument at a school performance provides a sense of joy and implementation
7. Self-Confidence – believe in yourself and know that you can perform in front of an audience is a great boost to your sense of self-worth, and the knowledge you can achieve what you wanted to do
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