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Welcome to Best Digital Piano.

Are you looking for a digital piano that does it all but won’t leave you paying for it for the next 10 years?

You might be confused and frustrated at the sheer weight of choice out there in your search for the best digital piano that YOUR money can buy?

Shopping online can be a wonderful experience and overwhelming at the same time. The aim of my blog is to offer you some informed opinion on which digital piano is going to be the best fit for you.

I am a piano player of 10 years. I am a digital piano player of 9 of those years (equally, I shifted from acoustic drums to electric drums after a similarly short period of time – the benefits to my family and neighbours are pretty self explanatory, but we’ll get on to more of that later!)

I have put this blog together to ensure that you get the information you need on how to select the most appropriate digital piano for your current budget, playing level and style.

I find a lot of people who have taken my recommendations over the years quite simply bypass the weight of info and end up buying this – I named it my best digital piano of 2010. Hey, if I just saved you some time – all the better!

I tend to focus on the most established brands of piano. For no other reason other than to say you get good customer service and excellent after sales support (provided you buy a new rather than second hand digital piano, of course)

My suggestions here are my own and I aim to cover the largest range of digi pianos that my fingers will allow me to type. I appreciate you might be in the market right now – in which case I suggest you take a look at these best deals today.

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