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Join the Sunny Choi Fan Club

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International Piano Artist Sunny Choi is developing quite a fan following on the Internet. As a world class pianist, this is no surprise, but it’s not just her talent that drives fans to her in droves, but also her attention to what fans want.
Earlier this year, Sunny Choi began recording songs for her popular YouTube Channel that contains songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Each video contains an original arrangement of a popular song played on the piano. Classical instrumental music lovers and enthusiasts, both love the pairing of the beauty of Sunny Choi piano playing with familiar hit records that they can easily recognize and can sing along. Subscribe to Sunny Choi’s Hit Music YouTube Channel is only one way through the fans can follow Sunny career.
Sunny Choi’s Facebook Fan Page, fans view detailed information about Sunny performance schedule and get the first warning about the exciting news about her business growth. Sunny Choi’s Facebook Fan Page also contains pictures from the studio and other musical events, behind-the-scenes video exclusive, and newspapers and press articles Featuring Sunny Choi. Using Facebook’s “wall” feature, Sunny Choi fans simply leave messages for her, upload pictures taken with her, and interact with other fans. To see Sunny Choi’s Facebook Fan Page you do not need to be a registered user of Facebook, you can only visit If you are a member of Facebook, you can click on “become a fan” button to interact directly with Sunny.
Twitter, Flickr and MySpace are three other great ways to keep up with Sunny Choi musical and business operations. Always willing to spend time communicating with their fans, Sunny answer as many messages as she can.
This month, Sunny Choi is to add a section just for fans wishing to purchase a personally signed photo of Sunny Choi. Fans can choose from all four Sunny Choi officially images found on Flickr. When the fans have chosen their favorite pose, the four image sizes to choose from. Sunny Choi photo sizes range from 8 X 10 up to the attractive 20 X 30 poster size. While quantities last, the Sunny Choi be personally autographing each acquired image with her fan’s name or the name of anyone they choose to give the picture as a gift.
Individuals who have followed the music of Sunny Choi for years know what her many new fans are just finding out – that Sunny is always working hard and finding new ways to connect with their fans while she continues to grow her business . Sunny loves it when fans write to her with stories about how her life, music and business operations has encouraged them to go after the positive goals in their own lives.
Being a fan of Sunny Choi, show her YouTube Channel, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, MySpace page or profile by searching each site for “Sunny Choi.” For business information on Sunny Choi Music fans can always visit on her official website on
Sunny Choi is against private playing engagements in North America and abroad. Grab this fantastic opportunity to get the music of Sunny Choi adding elegance to your next event visit my official site for more information

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Start Your Child With Violin Lessons With a Violin Teacher Avlonia Academy of Music

Music education is one of the most meaningful ways for children to spend their free time. One of the instruments are becoming more popular these days is the violin, and Avlonia Academy of Music violin has qualified teachers who are ready to help your child to learn this amazing instrument.
Avlonia The Academy of Music was established in 2006 by combining two well-known music schools: The Lamorinda Academy of Music and Art, and The Polonsky Piano School. Dr. immediate Avlonia thought a place where students not only learn to play instruments, but the study of music theory, give them a comprehensive education and appreciation of music.
In today’s public school systems, budget cuts force the music programs to be eliminated with alarming regularity. A musical education has been shown to engage students and enable them to embrace various forms of self-expression. When they are denied that during a normal school day, parents who have the means have no choice but to draw independent music teachers to expose their children to the world of music. Violin Teachers are an important part of a child’s education, because that violin teacher will ensure that a student’s academic skills are developed, and that the child gets a creative outlet to express themselves.
There are many disciplines violin teachers subscribe to, but eventually, they will choose one that is most in line with the child’s needs. The violin teachers even study with a number of instructors to gain insight into the various methods. A learned violin teacher will impart their knowledge to their students by teaching them to embrace the instrument, and to realize that learning something new is a process that does not provide overnight success. A dedicated violin teacher will encourage a child to be creative, flexible and enthusiastic. Above all, a violin teacher share a passion for learning so that students understand that education is a lifelong process, we never stop learning.
Such violin teachers are standard on Avlonia Academy of Music. Their violin teachers are available for private lessons, as well as groups ranging from duos to quintets. The violin teachers can introduce a student who has never played a stringed instrument before, and one that has an interest in developing a talent. Avlonia violin teachers include theory and composition in their private lessons, giving students the opportunity to learn the background of the instrument, as well as renowned violinists who are well known in musical circles. A prodigy will often make extraordinary skills, and an exceptional violin teacher will nurture your child’s talents, allowing him or her to realize their full potential. A violin teacher will never force a child to develop a talent they may not inherently be able to realize.
Want to learn more about Avlonia Academy of Music and their renowned violin teachers, visit Avlonimusic. There you will find a history of the school, as well as all the information you need to get children started on the violin, piano, or other valuable musical lessons. NTNU Avlonia Music Goals to give students of all ages with the highest level of training that enables them to enjoy music and art for a lifetime. Avlonia Academy of Music offers music & Piano lessons for kids in Saratoga, San Jose, South De Anza Blvd., And in Lafayette, California. For more imformation visit .

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How to Play Piano by Ear as Many of the Pros

Did you always want to play piano, but thought that reading from sheet music was not something you can do? Having trouble with your vision? Do you want the skill of playing a melody on the piano entirely from listening to it?
You will be surprised that many professional musicians do not learn piano by attending formal classes. They discovered how to play piano by ear and have skills in several songs they had only listened to.
You can also learn to play piano by ear using the following techniques:
1) Get hold of the things you need so you can start. Decide whether you want a keyboard or a piano, just make sure it is in harmony. You must also prepare to set aside time for exercise every day.
2) A piano features 88 keys while the keyboard is smaller. Counting the usual notes, sharp notes and flat notes, it would be 12 notes in total. The white notes start with an A note to the G note. So it is repeated starting again with a note. This sequence of notes is repeated 7 times before the white notes are complete. Similarly, the black notes – including intersections and apartments – repeated.
3) To find the note C, also called the Home Key, look for the white paper found just to the left of the 2 black keys. You can find the note C in the center of the keys. This is where the C chord can be found. Place right thumb on C, visualize it as number one. Starting at that point, counting the keys moving to the right. Include the black keys.
When you get 5, placing the middle finger on it – there are other notes of the C chord. Next, count from five, when counting the notes to 8 – which would be the last note of the C chord. This is where you will place the little finger. Play these notes simultaneously, and you will find that you will make a striking sound.
4) Familiarize yourself with the sequence mentioned – 1, followed by 5, and 8 in the count. When you start with any note, remember to count and include the sharps and flats as well. You can use these chords as a base. You can also do this if you prefer to start on a bright note, it would be a sharp chord.
5) Evaluate practices as the most important thing in learning to play piano by ear. It will not be long before you would think it to be an easy task by continuing to count and listen to the notes. For example, if the number 5 in the chord coincides with a key so you are at number 4 key, making the great compromise to a smaller one.
If you are on the C chord, slide your finger one key on the left creates a C-minor chord. By listening, you will have the ability to recognize every note. As long as you do not really have any hearing defects, you will know how to detect small melody changes.
some good advice
It is recommended that you not only practice the notes in the middle of the piano, working on other keys. With much training, you will be able to use all the fingers on both hands when you play. After gaining a first-hand statement from a professional pianist, you should realize that knowing how to play piano by ear is quite achievable after all.
If you really want to succeed in finding the best rated online beginner piano lessons, so you must visit the web’s best source of Learning To Play Piano Help right now! For additional resources on getting free online lessons, visits How to Play Piano by Ear Tips.

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Tips on Having Your Own Studio Site for Piano Teachers

Have you ever heard of a piano teacher website? Well, make this innovative channel online many piano teachers around the world establish the kind of network connection and they all have been looking for. In here, they share many helpful tips, suggestions and other information about teaching strategies.
Music teaching resources have been widely available online. Many music teachers around the world enjoy the benefits of online surveys that help them improve their learning strategies and methods. Whether personal or professional growth, these music teachers as well as many piano teachers want to have access online to give them the latest and most reliable resources to manage their own music studios and classrooms.
Setting up your own studio site requires enough knowledge, skills and expertise in website development, management, supervision, maintenance and optimization. These areas are all essential in the success of your website and piano teacher for continuous protection and visitor of the other piano teachers, musicians, studio owners and music educators.
Learning and adopting piano teaching tips can be very useful. You can get these ports from trusted sites and pages maintained by experienced music teachers, enthusiasts and experts. Piano teachers like you who are beginners in the creation of this site are encouraged to review the online training, training and workshops for free. Other websites experts also hold several webinars on how beginners, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in website development, design and maintenance.
More featured audio-video tutorials on setting up your own piano teacher website can be easily accessible online – with just a few clicks. More so, there are some friendly online forums that allow you to ask questions about web development, design and programming. This allows its members to discuss and deal with related topics and issues that affect your own creation of the piano teacher’s website.
own websites and blogs, you do not have to worry about what to write about because you can actually post topics and details about music lessons as well as some useful, interactive and innovative piano teaching tips, and effective teaching techniques and methods can make students highly motivated individuals. Simple and practical ways you can take piano teaching experience to the next level are great posts and topics to begin with.
Your personal insights and experiences about teaching music can also be posted so readers can get something from it. As the only primary sources can justify your posts and make them believe in you. As you become one of the most reliable online sources of music and piano lessons, you can possibly get more friends online – virtual students across the globe
As you change students’ beliefs about learning, you can also improve. the ways the other piano teachers and colleagues think and feel about teaching music and some exciting and contemporary ways to learn to play musical instruments at its best. Anyone can be relatively possible through your own piano teacher website.
So make your own piano teacher site one of the most visited and showed fourth-generation sites today and see what others think, feel and say about your piano teacher website creations. Create, post, manage and market your own now – no problems at all. Look for the links!
Visit our website and know more music teaching tips on how you can get your own piano teacher website . – Earl Marsden
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Quick and Easy Methods for Knowing How to Play Piano by Ear

It’s a fact that understanding how to play piano by ear without the use of any sheet music could be very hard, but with the proper teaching secrets, it can be taught and learned fast. This task would require you to develop the ability to play the chords in various patterns. Afterwards, you will be able to know how to combine such patterns in certain scales and songs.

So as to make things less complicated and more beneficial for you, you have to opt for the appropriate kind of piano learning programme. Doing so can help you know the basic secrets you want, and teach you the idea of how to play piano by ear early as you are undergoing the training. This promotes uniqueness thru spontaneity and then play any kind of song you need by ear.

You must also understand first the ability to locate any note on the keyboard. Learn how to play them in major and minor scales. By finding each key and making yourself acquainted with all the 24 major and minor triads, you could know how to place the chords together to a certain pattern with ease.

Again the efficiency of the methods that you are utilising would determine how quickly you would learn. Having the proper knowledge on hand and finger placement is necessary to complete the job fast. When you are playing your triad chords of certain notes, ensure to keep your finger positioning the same way as you produce a note in various scales.

A pattern will assist you in making different kinds of musical variations as you’d know how to play piano chords. After knowing how to play more than just a single chord pattern in various scales, you can then blend such patterns together as many times as you want by utilising the whole keyboard. You’ll then start to hear the tune you are thinking of in your mind.

Though this is going to be somewhat confusing to you at first, this can be obtained with the employment of step-by-step progression. This is where a trustworthy and effective online piano learning programme will be put into good use. Rocket Piano is a great example: a programme packed with video tutorials and software to assist you in learning how to play the musical instrument quickly utilising a range of dynamic means for understanding the fundamentals easily.

After you have learned and mastered the basics thru this type of piano teaching, it can also give you some instructions on creating patterns for producing limitless music combinations. Whether you are still a neophyte or not, their particular section on understanding how to play piano by ear is assured to be quite effective and very easy to learn also.

You can read some helpful info regarding how to play piano chords at

How To Play Piano By Ear

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Find Out How to Read Piano Sheet Music

You have always planned to teach piano and also you have made a number of attempts, but quit in frustration because you can not learn how to read notes. Studying a piano book in a music store just with that frustration when even beginners books were too hard. Not all music instruction books you should buy a chance to learn the way to read piano notes, you might say that you can understand.
If you have ever purchased after that you left an instruction book, then you know how maddening that will be. Maybe you’ve tried several book in one shot to find out what you need to know as it has given up, finding it had been too hard. But if you need to learn piano, you will be able to take action without notes.
hiring a non-public piano teacher is not only expensive, but you can learn everything you need to learn about the notes in the weekly lessons. You need to have consistent instructions meant for you if you practice.
know how to read music is an important part of playing the piano. It should have skill for the intense musician. In the untrained eye looks as if the notes are written in an ancient language, especially if you ever are not knowledgeable about musical instruments. The trick is to know the way to decipher this language, it is also difficult to figure out how to read the notes on your own. To really understand it and be able to use it, you need a guide.
an excellent piano lesson course, you will not only be taught at your playing level, whether you are innovative to the piano or you have been over the keys for a while, you will learn to read piano notes. Fortunately, there is a course that know exactly how frustrating it can be to need to determine the piano and be stumped by not enough concise instructional materials.
notes lessons offered by the Rocket Piano serves as a guide that tells you when to repeat a particular part, or it shows the notes change in size from verse to verse. If you ever do not know the way to read the notes, you will not get hold of these symbols, and also when you notice them, you have no idea what they mean. If you ever do not know very well what they mean, you will not know how you intended to play the piece.
Rocket Piano has taken the guesswork and frustration of learning how to read piano sheet music and put it up in an easy to understand format. The money necessary goods are extremely small for all materials and expertise offered at your convenience. Try Rocket Piano today – you’ll be glad you did
Beginners Piano Lessons can be learned on the net .. You can have the opportunity to develop your passion in music by taking up lessons. Read more on Online Piano Lessons on how to pursue your desire to play the piano. NTNU

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When You Purchase a Restored Steinway Saves More Than Money

To purchase a new Steinway or not to buy new, that is the question. Or is that question? The answer is more straightforward than many realize.
When considering the possibility of buying a brand new Steinway grand piano direct from the factory, or buy a restored or rebuilt Steinway, there is really no comparison. NTNU NTNU course when you purchase a new Steinway piano factory to get warranty and back-up and support of the original Steinway & Sons factory itself. You also know that if there are any serious defects or problems with the piano that the factory will take care of the problem. Whether you choose an instrument directly from the floors of Steinway in New York, or from a certified Steinway Gallery, you will be choosing an excellent instrument.
However, there is the question not only the quality of service that Steinway factory, dealers and distributors can deliver, but if you can get the same service and warranty from Steinway dealers. The answer is both yes and no. Some yes, some no. In fact, some rebuilder offer longer warranties on the parts that resonate than the Steinway & Sons factory or Steinway Galleries, so there is no loss there. And many of these places have had years of honorable service that is comparable to the best of Steinway dealers, so it’s no problem there either.
There is a caveat, however. And it is that you must know and understand that the dealer buys the piano from. Unfortunately, in the piano business, like many other industries, there are those who make a living by asking for ignorance of the masses. There are pianos that have been restored mistakes, errors, and will not have the right sound or pressure that Steinway pianos are so well known.
So the easiest way to qualify a dealer who is rebuilding Steinway pianos is to determine whether the restoration was done by a certified Steinway technician, and then find out where the pianos are restored yesterday. For example, many of our pianos restored by the same technician who restored Steinway Concert D used in the Lincoln Center, New York City. One of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. Here it is easy to see that you can not go wrong. But even if they are not of the caliber, make sure to have a qualified technician for review and understand the background of the instrument you are considering, as well as the warrantee and warranties, either implicitly or explicitly with the purchase. After all, is a Steinway Piano is not a small purchase for most people, and should be done with utmost care. American-Steinway piano models

now return to the question of price, will find it a big difference in price between buying a brand new Steinway Model B, for example, and a restored Steinway Model B from one of the most recognized retailers. At the time of this writing new Steinway B lists for about U.S. $ 68 000 from most of the Galleries, but a restored Steinway B, of the same quality and warranty, can be as low as $ 45,000 or even less! (Check out or On the largest of the grand pianos, the Steinway Model D pianos, the difference between rebuilt and new piano is often $ 40,000 or more. The last Steinway D that we have listed ( is $ 79 000 as opposed to a new Steinway Model D piano that lists for about $ 120,000. Each Steinway Model D listed are around this price, and all of them have been restored to the original sound, color, beauty and touch of the last Steinway piano factory floor. Of course, the price differences are not just there for model B Steinway pianos either. In each grand piano model, one will find significant savings.
But the savings do not just stop there. Many older pianos have a tone and feel that is smoother and perfected over time. It may seem strange to some, but it is because of those thinking of buying a piano like buying a car. A piano is not like a car, it depreciates with age, but rather appreciate it and can improve with age, and as a violin or other string instrument, the wood can deepen in tone and depth over time and create a truly leaking sound that is timeless.
A final note on price. Steinway & Sons will tell you that the piano will appreciate over time. This is true. But appreciation is not only the piano of “antique” value of the instrument. It is also because the instruments manufactured by Steinway is becoming more expensive each year. . This alone creates a tremendous opportunity for both buyer and seller of a converted piano to enjoy the benefits of not buying new
So in the end, the solution is simple – there really is no question of “new” or “new “. Be sure to consider sources such as and and other well-known retailers to eliminate the possibility of being caught with a broken string. Your rebuilt piano is waiting for you. Do not let the idea of ​​”new” trick you into getting less for more piano – a Steinway piano timeless for less! More information
American Steinway piano
Mr. Robert Friedman is a professional dealer of rebuilt and had to be restored Steinway & Sons brand pianos for over 35 years. His experience and straightforward approach to the piano has helped thousands of buyers make good investments over the years. He lives in the greater New York City, where he can work with the world’s best rebuild, and refinishers of Steinway pianos. NTNU American Steinway piano

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Learning to Play Piano on a Digital Piano

If you are interested in learning to play the piano, one of the most affordable ways to do this is to train and learn in a digital piano. Most often these pianos come with self help guides and is a great accompaniment to the piano lesson books commonly found in any library or music store.
Whether you hire an instructor to teach you how to play or are interested in online virtual piano training, a digital piano certainly be a good choice to enter the digital world of technical music.
Reasons to Buy Digital Piano
If you have not noticed, digital pianos are the new way to go. While many people prefer the tradition of acoustic pianos, the fact that they must constantly be intent on cleaning the many off-especially beginning piano students. If you wish to no fuss way to get started on your way to becoming the next Bach or Beethoven
If you decide to buy digital piano equipment can record and play your best effort and tell you exactly where you are doing with lessons. This may resolve the question of whether or not your self-learned lessons do you any good, or whether you should go ahead and hire a piano instructor to teach you the ways of the ivory keys.
Other reasons to buy digital piano equipment is that it costs significantly less than a traditional piano would. If you have priced a real piano, you’re already well aware that their prices may be out of this world. Traditional piano is as much an art as it is a functional piece, and if you are not looking for art than it can be in your best interest to buy digital piano equipment
As far as new students are concerned, buy a digital piano can also help you get practice and when it is most convenient. This is because digital pianos are far more portable than a traditional piano, you can put two tons of ivory beast around town all day, but you can wear your little digital keyboard.
If you want to learn to play piano, you definitely want to buy digital piano equipment over acoustic piano equipment. Classical lessons may be best performed on a traditional piano, but few people want to run the classic way to play the piano and wants to learn more functional way. . If this sounds like you, is a digital piano definitely the way to go
You can get a more in-depth knowledge of general piano, digital pianos but also specifically by going to – The Complete Online Resource for pianos and piano music.

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Six Learning Piano Tips to Help Beginners

When learning to play piano, one of the most helpful learning piano tips you will ever hear is to practice as much as possible. Time set aside strictly for practice is important, but playing for pleasure counts as well. Sneaking in a few moments for fun and relaxation will help polish your skills quickly, and it won’t feel so much like work. Click here: pianos

To keep yourself motivated when figuring out new music, try to have one piece you learn for fun. This should be a song you already know and enjoy. By choosing a song you already love, you will know what it should sound like. This will help prevent you from getting stuck at any point in your process.

Online video sharing networks have plenty of piano tutorials for all skill levels. Do a search for what you need, and find some channels that are directed to students on your level. You can hear tips, interact with other musicians, and learn step by step how a piece should be played.

Never be too shy to ask questions of people who play. This may seem like an obvious statement, but you are not limited to your books and the internet for resources. Some instrument stores offer lessons, or can put customers in touch with an expert to help them find answers.

Writing lyrics, the sillier the better, can help you memorize a song quickly. There’s no need for your lyrics to make sense as long as they are memorable to you. With tricky pieces, you can sing along in your head to help recall what part of the music comes next.

One of the most solid learning piano tips you will find is to establish good habits. Proper posture and positioning may feel unnatural, but make it easier to learn your instrument. Once you have really become adept at your music, you can start to break the rules; but first, you must learn to follow them.

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How to Learn Piano the Easy Way

It is common desire among many school leavers that one day, they would find time to take lessons on how to learn piano. The same line of thought applies to working class personnel. Playing piano offers a unique feel and relaxation away from busy office life Click here: pianos

Once you decide to take on lessons, remember that there are sacrifices to be made in terms of consistency and discipline. Few tricks are there that need to be grasped. And, if you are set to qualify to perfection, lessons may take as long as several months or years.

The best way to approach your lessons would be to buy a book of scales which should come complete with fingerings. The fingerings should contain instructions showing how and where to place your left and right hand fingers. If you have no instructor and choose to take lessons on your own then ensure that you stick to the instruction that come with the lesson kit.

Train individual fingers to play independent of each other to begin with. Remember, the significance of fingerings allows each finger to develop what is commonly referred to as muscle memory. Once the memory is achieved, the fingers would subconsciously play the relevant keys without thinking about the notes.

In order to develop your muscle memory, begin the exercises at a lower tempo, increasing your speed gradually with time. Ensure consistency in using fingerings in order to allow quick development of your muscle memory. After thorough practice and you feel it is time to engage the two hands, then do so but proceed slowly so as not to alter the fingerings.

It suffices to note from the aforementioned that following instructions is important to easy learning. Strive to play the instrument without looking at the key notes. Let your fingers adapt to respective finger positions. Try performing such exercises with your eyes off the keyboard. Finger independence is developed faster through this technique and, that constitutes how to learn piano.

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